About Somerset Mall

Somerset Mall has 200 stores offering an inviting and engaging lifestyle shopping experience, including a wide selection of speciality retailers. Somerset Mall’s restaurants, cafés and coffee shops, serve a superb selection of everyday staples and delicacies. In addition to its popularity with the Western Cape’s trendsetting shoppers, Somerset Mall is also a must-visit tourist destination. It attracts thousands of international visitors every year with its singular array of local and international retail brands, inviting ambience and fun, festive events.

Trading hours

As from the 6 December - 23 December we extend our trading hours from 8 am to 8 pm during the festive season.

Monday - Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Sunday & Public holidays: 9am - 5pm

Christmas Day: Optional trading

New Year's Day: Optional trading

Somerset Mall is open between 9am - 7pm. Take a look at our shop listing to view each store’s trading hours

Mall Management

Somerset Mall is owned and managed by Hyprop Investments Limited. The day-to-day management of Somerset Mall is controlled by a professional team of on-site managers, comprised of financial, marketing, leasing and operations. The Management Office is located next to Dion Wired near Entrance 4.

General Information & Customer Service
021 852 7114 management@somersetmall.co.za
Leasing 021 852 7114
Marketing, Digital & Social Media 021 852 7114
Operations 021 852 7114
Safety & Security 021 850 0648 management@somersetmall.co.za
Promotional Court Bookings 021 852 7114
Gift Cards 021 852 7114
Parking 021 850 0895 management@somersetmall.co.za