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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  DEC 28, 2020


The festive season is slowly coming to an end, and the realisation of the new year begins to seep in. As a parent, the festive season and new year are two of the busiest times of the year for you. You've been running around looking for the best gifts for your child, and now you need to start shopping for school supplies to ensure your bundle of joy is ready for the new year. While it can be an overwhelming time for you, shopping at Somerset Mall can make it so much easier. Somerset Mall is a one-stop mall that ensures you get everything you need for the school year. Whether it’s clothing from fashion stores in Somerset West or stationery for school, we have what you need to make the new year cool. 

So, let us help you make this shopping experience easier by following our back-to-school essentials guide. 


Writing essentials 

The first in our guide of stationery items are writing essentials. We have a wide range of stationery shops in Somserset West that can help your kid have everything they need for the new school year. You can find pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, pencil cases, highlighters, and many more from our selected shops. Visit PNA at Somerset Mall and enjoy this one-stop-shop that will have all the stationery you need. PNA also has an amazing loyalty programme for parents, ensuring you save and receive loyalty points every time you shop there. It is an ideal way to save money the next time you need to make a stationery run. 

Art supplies  

Whether you have a future Picasso or they enjoy drawing and colouring in for arts and culture at school, they will need art supplies. Those supplies include crayons, markers, 2B and 4B pencils, glue sticks, and scissors. Children love drawing and anything arts and crafty, so having all of these supplies will ensure you get the little ones excited for school. You can stock up on your art supplies at grocery stores like Game and Pick n Pay. They have a stationary section that has all the art supplies you need. So, make sure you check these stores out. Plus, you never know, you might be lucky and find impressive stationery deals this coming new year, so be on the lookout! 


Once you have your writing essentials for all classes, you need to purchase books. Depending on the stationery list you were sent from your child's school, you will know how many exercise books you need and in what size. As for any other supplies mentioned on the list, you can find a wide variety of exercise books at all our grocery department stores here at Somerset Mall. If your child goes to university or college and can show off their personalities when shopping for writing books, you can pop by Typo at Somerset Mall. The store has a range of fun and quirky notebooks, exercise books, and diaries, making their school experience even better. Make sure you also stop by PNA and get a dictionary for the new year. They have them in different sizes, which make them perfect for their bags and even their blazer pocket for when they need to know the spelling of a word in between classes. 

Mathematics set 

Mathematics is challenging on its own, but having a calculator and a math set that has a compass, protractor, two set squares, and a ruler can make it easier. Somerset Mall can help your child solve their maths problems with selected grocery and book stores you can count on. 

School clothing  

Now that you know where you can get your stationery for school, make sure you purchase their clothing essentials. Children grow out of their clothes so fast and might need new schoolwear. Well, our stores have the best uniforms and children’s clothing in South Africa. You can shop for blazers, school shirts, socks, shorts, skirts, pants, and the best shoes for school at our mall. Make sure you visit Woolworths, Ackermans, Edgars or Jet or PEP get the best quality school clothes and the best shoes from shoe shops near you. For PT clothes and a gym bag, we also have the leading sports clothing brands like Sportscene, The Cross Trainer and Mr Price where you can get running shorts, trainers and more for your child to kickstart the new school year.   

Final thoughts  

The new year is a busy time for everyone, but we hope that our essentials guide helps you remember what you need for back to school and, more importantly, reminds you that you can get everything you need at Somerset Mall. So, have peace of mind and rely on us to have the stores you need to get by the back-to-school frenzy. We can’t wait to have you pop by our mall! 

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