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Fun toys and activities for the whole family

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 28, 2022


Keep the family entertained all year round with a collection of fun toys and activities for the whole family at home. Bring on the fun and competitive spirit with toys and activities from these Somerset Mall stores that are designed to keep everyone entertained, no matter the age or the time of year. Because nothing says it’s family bonding time quite like a rowdy game or two around the table together. 

Beat the boredom 

Gather the family and friends and prepare to take your game nights to the next level with a collection of board games designed for everyone. From the classics to the latest board game trends, these Somerset Mall stores have got you covered on all fronts. The only question is, which will be the first game to play?

When it comes to unique and wacky board games that are hard to come by, Big Blue is the place to be. This South African gem is known for its quirky and out-there products and is the perfect store when you’re looking to impress a fellow tabletop gamer with a board game that’s only been whispered about. Pop into Big Blue in Somerset Mall to get your fix of board games and puzzles so you can rightfully keep the title of tabletop royalty.

Looking for affordable games, puzzles, toys, and more? Then you’ve got to visit one of South Africa’s favourite discount retailers, The Crazy Store. Its out-of-this-world products and deals make The Crazy Store a firm favourite among Somerset Mall locals, and we can see why. Upon entering the store, expect to see the shelves lined with a variety of board games, puzzles, tabletop games, and more that will bring the family hours of pure enjoyment. Pop into The Crazy Store at Somerset Mall to browse one of the best board game bargains and maybe a few items you never knew you needed until you saw them. Because hey, you never know what you might find!

Go toy crazy at Somerset Mall 

Bring the little ones and get lost in a world of toys at these Somerset Mall stores. Whether you’re looking for a new gaming console for the family or looking to spoil your little ones with a range of interactive toys that are guaranteed to keep them busy for hours on end, these Somerset Mall stores have everything you need to keep the family entertained.

Visit Toys R Us to make all your and your little ones’ toy dreams come true because who says toys are just for kids? Especially when you see the games and toys lining the shelves of Toys R Us. Let your inner child run wild alongside your little ones as you shop for all your international toy brands, such as Lego, Barbie, Marvel, Hot Wheels, and more. Relive your childhood when you step into Toys R Us and pass on the love of playing to the whole family. Whatever your toy and gaming needs, you’ll find it all and more right here at Toys R Us in Somerset Mall. 

Pop into one of Africa’s most loved toy stores, Toy Kingdom, when you visit Somerset Mall and walk the aisles of a different fantasy wonderland as you turn every corner. Take a gander down Lego Lane and Soldier Street, and don’t forget to stop by the Princess Palace so you can get the full experience! With an unparalleled selection of toys and a unique in-store experience, it’s not hard to see why it's one of Africa’s most loved toy stores. Bring the little ones and get lost in a fantasy land where anything and everything is possible, with just the right amount of imagination. Take the fantasy home with you when you browse through a selection of some of the best toys Africa, and the world, has to offer. 

Get the family involved in a project 

It’s all fun and games until you play the same games for the hundredth time; then, you know it’s time to try something a little different. These Somerset Mall stores have everything you need to start some fun family projects and get bonding over your creations. Start small and work your way up as both you and the little ones find your creativity during your playtime together. 

Pop into South Africa’s latest new stationery brand store, Yokico, and ignite the creativity in your family with their range of stationery items that are perfect for any and all projects. Yokico’s uniquely designed products are full of colour, playful, and engaging and will delight and inspire both you and your little ones to pick a pen and start letting the creativity flow through it. And the best part? It’s all available at affordable prices, which makes it a must-visit store when you’re looking for stationery items for your next family project. 

Typo in Somerset Mall is all about adding value and playfulness to your everyday items through colour, art, and design, which you can tell before even entering the store. With shelves full of quirky gifting options, stationery, art supplies, one-of-a-kind notebooks, and more, Typo is a must-stop shop for anyone looking for creative inspiration as well as stationery to start getting artsy. Stock up on canvases, paint supplies, and quirky stationery for your next project and enjoy the inspiration that comes with it.

Final words

Bring the family together with a collection of board games and activities that are designed to keep the whole family entertained for hours on end. From involving everyone in fun family projects to challenging them all to a board game of choice, the options are endless when it comes to keeping the family entertained when you stock up on your family fun from Somerset Mall.

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