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Hit Race Season With The Right Running Gear

NEW  |  AUG 2, 2023


With race season right around the corner, as it always seems to be, it’s time to lace up your running shoes and gear up for success. Whether you’re preparing for your first race or are a seasoned marathon runner looking to buy a new pair of shoes for the coming season, Somerset Mall has a roundup of some of the best sports shops making it the ideal destination for all your running gear needs. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into which Somerset Mall stores have everything you need to hit the ground running so you can save time when searching for the right running gear. So, let’s get into it. 

Shop affordable and stylish race gear 

Mr Price Sport is a widely loved sporting apparel store that is the go-to brand for those looking for affordable yet still stylish race gear. With an extensive collection of running shoes all separated by category and terrain, you’ll easily be able to find the perfect shoe for you, and for less. Whether you’re into trail running, marathon running, or are looking to pick up running as a new hobby, Mr Price Sport has got you covered on all fronts. 

More than just a shoe shop, Mr Price Sport also stocks a variety of running apparel for all seasons as well as water bottles and all the accessories you could ever want or need to help you with your training. Stocking some of the most affordable sports clothing in Somerset Mall, Mr Price Sport is a great place to shop for budget-friendly race gear and all the accessories you can think of.

With their budget-friendly prices, Mr Price Sport is here to kit you out from head-to-toe without you having to break the bank. Whether you're looking for trendy designs or functional basics, you’ll conveniently find it all here.

Performance meets style 

As a globally recognised brand that seamlessly combines performance and style into every item they produce, Puma is here for those who take both their running and style very seriously. Stocking a collection of sporting apparel, accessories, and running shoes, Puma has long been specialising in the latest technology to ensure you get the best support and performance out of your shoe. 

With their collection of the latest running shoes, from minimalist designs to vibrant pops of colour, Puma has a shoe for every runner and every terrain that is designed to enhance your performance. So, pop in today to browse their range and see how you can take your running to the next level with the right support. 

Hit the trails 

If trail running is your passion, look no further than Salomon. This brand was developed for outdoor enthusiasts, trail runners, and adventurers to pursue their passion in comfort, protected, and supported in all elements and trails. Offering top-of-the-line trail running gear, Salomon specialises in stocking high-performance shoes and apparel suitable for the most challenging of terrains. Whether you’re tackling steep hills or navigating rugged trails, Salomons gear was designed to perform on these exact terrains, providing stability, traction, and protection. Pop in today to browse their collection and prepare yourself for the great outdoors and maybe even your greatest challenge yet. 

Variety is the spice of life 

When you’re looking for a variety of sporting apparel, gear, accessories, and shoes, Totalsports has got you covered. Here, you’ll find everything you need to hit the trails with confidence. As well as everything you need to prepare your body for training. With a wide selection of exercise equipment, you can step up your training regime and step up to your next challenge sooner rather than later. And when it comes to shopping for running shoes, Totalsports stocks a variety of running shoes for different feet types and running terrains, ensuring a comfortable and supportive fit that matches your needs.

Performance-driven innovation 

For the serious runners out there seeking the best performance-driven innovation in their shoes, Under Armour is the store for you. Here, you’ll find cutting-edge running gear that is designed for optimal performance that will help you push your limits and reach your goals, no matter what they are. Whether you’re looking for running shoes, training shoes, or shoes to go off-road, Under Armour has a selection for you to choose from.

Final words 

As race season approaches, make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running with the gear that works for you. Whether you're looking for affordability, style, or performance-driven innovation, Somerset Mall has you covered. Get ready to lace up and conquer the tracks and trails with confidence, knowing that you have the right running gear to support your goals.

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