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Level up your home workouts with Somerset Mall


Your fitness goals don’t have a timestamp, and as we have all come to realise, your ideal summer body isn’t only made in winter but year-round. This is especially the case when you’re working from home. Working from home can help you ease into a workout routine at your own pace. 

However, as fulfilling as it may be working out from home, you can reach a plateau. This is understandable as we’ve reached a full year of social distancing. But, at Somerset Mall, we know just the trick to help you get your groove back. Continue reading to see which stores can help you level up your home workouts with Somerset Mall. 

Donna - Clothing Store

Sometimes, all you need to level up is buying new workout clothes. Donna in Somerset Mall has been around for years and continues to be a game-changer for plus-sized and curvy women. While you aren’t looking for a fitting pair of jeans or a dress to hug your curves, Donna also has activewear for plus-sized and curvy women that is just what you need. 

From a high-quality pair of leggings to stylish sports bras that are ideal for keeping you comfortable while you do full-body home workouts, visit Donna today and stock up on a few items to help you feel stylish during your workout. 

Totalsports - Sports Apparel

If you’re looking for the best workout clothes from well-known activewear brands such as Nike, Adidas and more, then look no further because Totalsports at Somerset Mall is where you need to go. Totalsports has been around for many years and continues to give its customers top-quality fitness gear, accessories and apparel. 

With Totalsports, you can enjoy low and high-intensity workouts with comfort as you have the workout gear suitable for it all. This shop is a great way to help you get back into your home workouts. 

Under Armour - Athleisure Clothing

Want to try something different? Well, why not visit Under Armour at Somerset Mall, one of the best athletic clothing stores in town. As the name says for itself, you’ll be stocked up with armour that can help you get through any workout. According to Under Armour, “their vision is to help inspire you with performance solutions you never knew you needed, and can't imagine living without.” Whether it is sneakers, underwear, sports bras, tops, or outerwear, they have you covered with high-quality apparel suitable for you. 

Additionally, Under Armour has gear for different sports such as volleyball, baseball, golf, football, softball, yoga and more. So, even after the pandemic, you can visit Under Armour and get yourself everything you need for your favourite sport to play. 

Woolworths - Department Store

Woolworths always has a surprise up their sleeves. Well, you guessed it, they too have a new house brand activewear, perfect for people who love Woolworths. As we all know, over the years, Woolworths has dedicated itself to offering quality food, homeware and clothing, which is why it is no surprise that their activewear will be just as great. 

Visit the Woolworths in Somerset Mall and grab yourself a couple of comfy activewear pieces now. 

The Cross Trainer - Sports Apparel

The Cross Trainer in Somerset Mall works with various workout brands. They offer customers sports fashion, lifestyle apparel, footwear, and accessories perfect for someone looking to spruce up their home workouts. So, be sure to visit The Cross Trainer and get yourself everything you need to level up and get back into the game. 

Expedition North - Outdoor Apparel

If you’re trying to change things up by doing more outdoorsy workouts, then you need to pop into Expedition North at Somerset Mall. Expedition North offers everything you need for the outdoors, such as jackets, shirts, shorts, trousers, footwear, socks, caps, camera equipment, hiking essentials, and more. They are the perfect store to visit if you're interested in levelling up your workouts through hiking and camping during your downtime. 

Visit them today, and get all the equipment and more that you can need. 

Final thoughts

Working out from home will have its challenges, but there is always a way to get back on track. Sometimes, it takes something as small as getting new apparel and equipment; other times, it takes you having someone to hold you accountable or switching up your routine. Either way, we hope these stores can help you get back on track. Visit Somerset Mall today and start levelling up for that summer body. 

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