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Treat Your Pets To Some Somerset Mall Spoils

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  SEP 25, 2021


Any pet parent will tell you, shopping for your furry family member requires the same level of attention as shopping for yourself. What toys do you get? Will they like the new flavour food you got them? How much is too much shampoo and conditioner? Well, these pet shops in Somerset West have everything you need and so much more in one. Let’s take a look at some stores to give you ideas on how to spoil the four-legged little one in the house.

Health Is Wealth

You know that feeling of living life with ease because you know each and every family member is well and healthy – amazing, right? So why not give your pet the gift of good health every day with some incredible pet health products available at Game in Somerset Mall? Here you can get a range of tick and flea powders, shampoos and dips to chase those buggers that bother your little furry one from time and again. You can also take them to Absolute Pets for a check-up at the clinic, a spa day and some supplements so they can be their best selves. After all, who doesn’t like clean kisses from their doggo, right?

Food For Thought and Pampering at Pick n Pay

Whether your pet needs some delicious and flavourful food, litter, or a new collar, Pick n Pay has everything and more. Pick n Pay in Somerset Mall also offers a range of pet food with regular promotions to help you buy in bulk or in large portions, so you never run out on giving your pet some good nutrition. There are also lots of options for bird food, rabbit food, and so much more at both Pick n Pay and Absolute Pets, which is a win-win.

Fashion? Yes Please

If you are the kind of pet parent who loves seeing their doggo spotted in the trendiest accessories, living their best life, then Woolworths in Somerset Mall has the cutest bandanas you will ever see. So, give that fur-baby a new look and feel for every season and watch them strut their stuff and sass with confidence on a daily basis. And if you like to spoil your pet to the finer things in life, think about getting them a Le Creuset bowl that probably matches your crockery too. Like parent, like pet. 

For Playtime’s Sake at The Crazy Store

Do you have a playdate coming up for your pet? Want to bring fun toys for them and their friends? Come to The Crazy Store and all our other pet shops for options on options to choose from. Think about the last time you played with your doggo. Maybe the two of you need a tug-of-war rematch or to test your running skills chasing a frisbee. The Crazy Store has all the toys you’ll both need and cute beds for when you finally tire them out. And on that note...

R & R For Everyone

Maybe you and your family want to take a drive out to a pet-friendly Airbnb for a bit. The Spring days are approaching, you’ve all been indoors working and trying to keep each other entertained, and some sun and fun will be good for all of you – to unwind and recharge before the festive season rush starts. Visit our pet stores and get travel essentials such as collars, litter bags and more, because a good pet parent stays prepared. These also come in handy on a daily basis, such as when you take a walk. So, who knows? Maybe you’re due a refill. Visit Somerset Mall today and get it all in one place. 

And Now For Some Pointers 

Work From Home gang, you’re up! Have you been struggling with keeping your cat off your computer screen? How many times has your little feline said ‘hello’ to your bosses and colleagues during a work meeting? Well, Somerset Mall has all the distractions you can think of to ensure your cat doesn’t end up clicking ‘send’ before you spell check that email. We have all this and more for all your pet needs. Celebrate and have fun with your furry family members every day with amazing deals, food, accessories and more at Somerset Mall. They will love you for it. See you soon at your local mall in Somerset West. 

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