Wish Tree

Wish Tree

1 Oct - 30 Nov 2020


09:00 - 19:00


Food Court

Grant a wish of a child in need this Christmas 

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit our wish tree in our Food Court 
  2. Pick a wish from the tree
  3. Purchase and wrap the wish 
  4. Drop it off at one of our information desks

Santa will make his visits to the charity and homes to deliver your gifts. 

Wishes were collected from the following local homes:

Bright Lights 

A care centre for at risk children, empowering them to achieve their best

ACVV Bright Lights is registered at the Department of Social Development to render two types of services namely:

  1. A Drop In Centre programme that is designed to meet the developmental needs of 30 at risk children (Girls & Boys) in the community and those living and working on the streets.
  2. A Residential Care Programme (Child and Youth Care Centre) for 20 children (Boys 8 – 18 Years) living and working on the street placed by a Children’s Court.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, based in Somerset West, Western Cape, is a temporary residential safe care facility for 25 children at any given time. They provide individual specialised care and support to children in desperate need of care and protection from birth to 6 years. Children are placed with a valid court order from the Children’s Court. These are children who have been abandoned, abused, neglected, orphaned and or are sick. After the Children’s Court proceedings are finalised, they are either reunited with their parents or family members, placed in foster care, transferred to other long-term facilities or adopted.  Children are educated on how to nurture and safely care for their children, once reunited back at home. Heartlands Baby Sanctuary is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and Community Mental Health Facility.

Goeie Hoop

A christian based organisation. Creating a place of safe keeping for children, who have been placed in their care by the courts. Their children attend school and church in the surrounding Helderberg area. They try as far as possible to keep a homely atmosphere as they believe in the family unit. Their programmes are designed to prepare children to go out in society and fit in as and they prepare them to set goals for themselves. We also try to make family reunification possible.

Circle of Unity

Circle of Unity is a loving and caring home for special children. Place of safety and care for children in need. In, at least, the last two decades we have cared for children that came from different circumstances, and were in different situations. One thing for sure is, they had one thing in common. Everybody, including the medical assistants had given up on them. It was said: “Forget about it. This child will not make it anywhere. This child is going to die soon.”

As it’s been known for centuries: “It takes a village to raise a child.” –African Proverb. We have been greatly blessed to have been sent other village members who shares the same goal of alleviating pain in our community, and sharing however much they can from what they have to help our community members. Our Donors, Volunteers, Contributors, Sponsors, and Our Community in general, thank you! We are highly grateful for you.

Put a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts this Christmas 

Gift drop off closes 30 November, all will be delivered to children by 6 December 2020

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