Ceiling Project Updates

*This is an indicative render and is subject to final design

Exciting things to come

We have commenced our Ceiling Project to introduce our new contemporary ceiling and enhance your shopping experience.  The project will take approximately 10 months to complete and will result in our ceilings receiving a beautiful facelift. The project will have a staggered approach but no stores will be affected and all stores will be open and trading.  

Work in Progress

The works are being done in the following areas

The skylights in the following areas are being worked on :
Cybertronics  3 - 9 February
Falco Milano  10 - 16 February 
Fragrance Boutique   17 - 24 February
Anysberg Biltong  25 - 26 February 

The court spaces in the following areas are being worked on:
Pick n Pay court   15 Feb - 3 May
H&M court  15 Feb - 3 May
Dischem court  15 Feb - 3 May

The walkways in the following areas are being worked on:
Entrance 1 KFC to Ambeans  3 Feb - 8 April 
American Swiss to Poetry  10 Feb - 12 April 
Entrance 3 Mugg & Bean to Limnos
 10 Feb - 23 June
Entrance 4 Panarottis to Oriental carpet gallery  12 Feb - 19 April


Q: Are any Entrances closed?
A: All entrances are currently open.

Q: Will this project affect the trading of stores?
A: All stores will trade for the duration of the ceiling project. Construction work will be carried out after trading hours.

Q: When will the ceiling project be completed?
A: This is a 10-month project, and our aim is for it to be completed by October 2021.

Q: Will construction be taking place throughout the mall or only in some sections?
A: Construction will take place at 3 different places in the mall at a time over a 3-week period, before it moves on to another section until completion of the entire mall's ceiling.

For all queries and compliments, email management@somersetmall.co.za