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At Somerset Mall, we believe that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a way of life. As part of our ongoing commitment to creating a greener and more eco-conscious shopping experience, we have launched a unique initiative to phase out plastic bags and embrace a more sustainable approach to shopping. Our endeavor involves repurposing our old brand fabric banners into reusable shopping bags, aligning with our eco-conscious tenants, including Woolworths, Cotton On, and Poetry, who are already taking significant steps towards a plastic-free future.

Plastic pollution is a global environmental crisis, and it's time for businesses to take a stand. Single-use plastic bags are a significant contributor to this problem. Somerset Mall acknowledges the detrimental impact of plastic on our environment and is determined to lead the way in reducing this impact.

Our innovative solution involves repurposing our old fabric banners that once adorned our mall. These banners, typically considered waste, are now being transformed into stylish and sturdy shopping bags. By upcycling these materials, we not only reduce waste but also create a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Somerset Mall is proud to have tenants who share our vision of a greener future. Woolworths, Cotton On, PnP Clothing, and Poetry have already taken substantial steps to reduce plastic usage in their operations. By collaborating with these forward-thinking brands, we aim to create a more cohesive and impactful approach to sustainability within our shopping centre.

benefits of the program

Reduced Plastic Usage | By replacing single-use plastic bags with reusable fabric bags, we are significantly reducing the plastic waste generated within Somerset Mall.

Promoting Reusability | Our shoppers can embrace reusable bags, reducing their environmental footprint while enjoying a fashionable and functional accessory.

Community Engagement | We are fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility by working with our tenants and customers to combat plastic pollution.

Inspiration for Others | Somerset Mall aims to inspire other businesses and malls to implement similar sustainable initiatives and reduce plastic consumption.

how you can get involved

Use Our Bags | When you shop at Somerset Mall, opt for our reusable fabric bags instead of plastic.  Bags are available to purchase at our Customer Service Centres located next to Game and Edgars at R100. The proceeds raised from the bags will be used to manufacture more shopping bags to support our cause towards a greener shopping experience.

Spread the Word | Share our sustainability program with your friends and family, encouraging them to support eco-friendly shopping practices.

Support Eco-Friendly Tenants | Patronize our eco-conscious tenants who are actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Somerset Mall's sustainability program is more than just a statement; it's a commitment to a greener future. By repurposing old banners into shopping bags and collaborating with tenants who share our vision, we're setting the standard for environmentally responsible shopping centres. Together with our customers, we can make Somerset Mall a model of sustainability and reduce plastic pollution one shopping bag at a time.

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