Parking & Security


At Somerset Mall we offer 670 undercover parking bays, over 3 300 free open-air parking bays and 24-hour security to give you peace of mind while you enjoy our 1,3km stretch of shopping. Somerset Mall Security works to enhance the safety and security of our guests, tenants and employees. 

Here at Somerset Mall, you will find priority parking for senior citizens, disabled individuals and parents with children, located conveniently at all main entrances.

Parking Tariff

0 - 1 hr  R                           7,00
1 - 3 hrs  R                        10,00
3 - 4 hrs  R                        12,00
4 - 6 hrs  R                        14,00
6 - 8 hrs  R                        20,00
8hrs +  R                        25,00
Lost Ticket   R                        25,00

Swipe & Park

If you make use of paid undercover parking at the Mall regularly, you can now streamline your visit by investing in a pre-paid parking ticket. Request your card, load it with your preferred amount, and swipe it at the boom upon arrival and departure. 

Please visit the Servest Parking Office in the undercover parking area.


The security of our shoppers and stores is incredibly important to us, and we work closely with leading security experts to identify the latest crime trends and security threats to ensure that we are fully prepared to handle these situations, should they arise.

Extensive security measures are in place at Somerset Mall, including 24-hour closed-circuit television, bicycle patrollers, and patrols by uniformed and undercover guards on-foot, all supported by an intervention response team. Somerset Mall also fosters strong relationships with SAPS and Crime Intelligence Units, from whom we obtain all the latest information we need to regularly assess security preparedness and ensure the centre’s safety.

Fidelity Security Services provides a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for all of our visitors. They are a well-established and respected company with security personnel who are all well-versed in keeping you safe while you enjoy your time at Somerset Mall. Officers who are coached in public relations cheerfully deal with shoppers, and provide general information and directions to your favourite stores, while also observing and reporting on their surroundings.