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The Scoin Shop offers a wide range of gold coins including Mandela Medallions, Kruger Rands, Natura Coins, Scoin Coins and a variety of foreign coins from all the leading mints of the world. The Scoin Shop is the retail division of the South African Gold Coin Exchange and today 14 Scoin Shops are operational country wide, with more opening soon. The Scoin Shop, is the only retail chain of its kind in the world. With the national and international positioning of our stores we have made the purchasing of gold coins and medallions easily accessible to the public by visiting one of our retail stores. With over 25 stores country wide, we offer our clients : FREE advice on buying and selling of coins and medallions; FREE safe custody; FREE shipping within South Africa on selected products. Our Scoin Shops make the buying and selling of gold coins and medallions convenient to our clients. We offer coin collectors the opportunity to purchase rare gold coins and bullion coins from the British Royal Mint, SA Mint and the Mint of Norway amongst others. If you're an avid collector interested in South African coins, rare coins, sports coins or Mandela, we have selections available to complement your collection. The Scoin Shop is the retail division of The South African Gold Coin Exchange, established in 1972. Visit our store today and start your golden journey.