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Yokos owns a unique and SA first of a kind Dairy and Non-Dairy yoghurt bar concept! We sell for Vegans or dairy lovers a wide variety of sweet or savoury smoothies and yoghurt bowls made by Yokos fresh Dairy (Greek style) or non-dairy yoghurt(coconut yoghurt, almond yoghurt) topped with the healthiest seasonal fruits or veg and natural sweeteners, All our recipes are healthy, delicious, scrumptious, and tasty and will keep you feeling revived and refreshed all day long. All Yokos yoghurts are preservative-free, sugar-free, with No artificial and additives used as a base of our food items to rebuild your gut health, abundant energy, thyroid function, and hormonal balance. Our recipes are developed by Michelin chefs and nutritionist to make sure that our consumers are getting the maximum health benefits through our fresh ingredients combined with our fresh Dairy or Non-Dairy yoghurt.

Our customers can buy from our take away selection Yokos yoghurt tubs in addition to natural sweeteners /nuts and a wide variety of healthy products that we use at our bar so they can make their own Yokos at home. ! Yokos is the ultimate healthy treat suitable all day long, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack only at Yokos Dairy and Non- dairy yoghurt bar! Happy gut, happy mind!